Michael A. Stecker

AstroPeople 2
(London, 1997)
Astro-People 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Pam Spence (right) is the former editor of the British astronomy magazine -- ASTRONOMY NOW. Jeff Hoffman (left) was an astronomer-astronaut who helped fix the optics of the Hubble Space Telescope on its first repair mission.
He received his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Harvard University (x-ray astronomy)
and is currently on the faculty of MIT.


Claus Madsen (right) is Director of Information and previously chief astrophotographer for the European Southern Observatory (ESO). They are currently building telescopes in the Atacama desert of Chile which when completed will have a collective aperture of 32 meters -- four 8 meter telescopes. This will be the largest telescope in the world (VLT). Claus says that its resolution will be so good that it should be able to resolve a man standing on the moon !


Dr. Duccio Machetto (right) is Associate Director of the Space
Telescope Science Institute (Hubble Telescope).


Martin Huber (right) is Director of Space Science at the European Space Agency.
I met him when we both spoke at the European Astrofest 1997 meeting in
London, England.


Dr. Jasper Wall (right) is the Director of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, David Malin (center) is a famous astrophotographer from the Anglo-Australian Observatory and myself (left). Mr. Malin was the judge for the first Michael Stecker Astrophotography Competition held in London.


Dr. Alan Chapman is Professor of the History of Science
at Oxford University, England. He is a dynamic orator who
has lectured to the Royal Society.

Philip Perkins is one of the top astrophotographers in England. He is seen here at
one of his observing sites in southern France.
Photo by Philip Perkins