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AstroPeople 5:
"The H-R Gang"
(Southern California 1980's - 2000)
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Mt. Pinos Gang And Other Astro-friends



The H-R Gang (named after the Hertzprung-Russell Diagram) was started by UCLA physicist Art Huffman in about 1980.  The astronomy course Art gave at UCLA extension inspired several amateur astronomers to form an observing group that visits a different southern California dark site each month.  These were the first people I observed with and it set the course for my future activity in astrophotography.
All photos taken in the summer of 2000 at Mt. Pinos, California

Art Huffman, Ph.D. started the H-R gang.  His wonderful courses in astronomy
and physics taught all of us to appreciate the mystery of the universe.


Richard "Doctor Dick" Teperson is a retired orthopedic surgeon and amateur
astronomer from Encino, Californa.





Mike Mayerchak viiting the University of Texas Observatory and Texas
Star Party in 1987


Mike Mayerchak (left) and Dr. Dick are both astronomy and golfing buddies


Amateur astronomer and H-R Gang member Mike Hatcher is always
prepared to defend the rights of  astronomers
(July, 2000)


Essential equipment for Mike Hatcher


"The Gang of Four" senior members of the H-R Gang at a rare visit to Mt. Pinos. 
They are from left to right: Dr. Dick Teperson, Prof. Klaus Brasch, Mike Mayerchak and Mike Hatcher