Michael A. Stecker


   AstroPeople 4:
more amateur astronomers
(1986 - 2015)
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Photos of more amateur astronomers
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Vince Farnsworth & Bob Fera


Maggie &  Vince Farnsworth


Fletcher, Farnsworth & Fera






Bob Fera, Bill Fletcher and Lee Coombs


Dr. Harvey Freed


John Sherman


Ed Zuccardi


Bob Hirshson


James Foster


Harvey Newman


Dr. Bert Katzung


Tom Scott


Russell Maginnis


"Lexus" Bob


Mike Hatcher and Barbara


Bill Schaefer


Scott Losmandy, 2010


Michael Stecker, c. 1988


Ray Hedgpeth, 2004


Mike & Art 2012


Dave Hoffman


Mike Hatcher 2010


"Lexus" Bob 2012


Dr. Dick Teperson




Tony Hallas, J. Fera, B. Williams 2015






Mt. Pinos, 2007

Mount Pinos, California
amateur astronomical observing site, July 7, 2007

photo by James Foster

Stephen Confer's time-lapse video of Mt. Pinos Milky Way July, 2012