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Marcus Stecher/Stecker
(circa 1874-1954)
Birth first name probably Mordche, later in USA used Marcus
Surname at birth was Stecher, later changed to Stecker in USA
In Sambor Galicia (Austro-Hungarian Empire) on
22 September 1874
13 July 1954 in New York City
Buried with wife at
Washington Cemetery
Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn)
New York, USA

Marcus Stecker Find A Grave Memorial

Itzig/Isaac Stecher (father) and Feige nee:Schmatz Stecher (mother), less likely nee:Markel
Tailor (vest maker)
Marcus Stecher immigrated from Europe to Ellis Island NYC aboard the ship
RMS Etruria on March 12, 1898 at age 21 years
Marcus married Sara "Sadie" Albert (also of Sambor) on Decembor 23, 1900 in NYC
Samuel Stecker (birth ref)), married Minnie Weiss (later Shelly Stecker), Their children are Stephen L. and Michael A. Stecker
Fanny/Florence "Buddy (ref), married Herbert Johnson (no children)
Jenny, Louis and Rose all died in childhood
Marcus' sister was Sophie/Sofie nee: Stecher Rothberg (husband: Isaac Juda Rothberg, had 5 children)
Marcus' sister-in-law was Dora nee: Albert Polk (husband: Jack E. Polk of Russia then Detroit, had 3 children)


Stecher/Stecker-Rothberg family tree (limited)
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Marcus Stecher's sister was Sophie/Sofie nee:Stecher Rothberg (1872-1929).
Sophie's husband was Isaac Juda Rothberg (see ship manifest below of Marcus Stecher's brother-in-law J. Rothberg).
Sophie nee:Stecher and Isaac J. Rothberg had 5 children:
Pauline, Bertha, Abraham, Fannie and Hannah Rothberg

Marcus Stecher (Stecker) photos

Marcus Stecker (was Stecher on immigration to NYC in 1898, but then changed to Stecker when in USA)
paternal grandfather of Stephen and Michael Stecker


Grandpa Macus Stecker's profession was tailor


Marcus (Mordche) Stecher's Birth and Mother's Death Record from JRI-Poland

Note: The surname Schmatz does not match Markel in the New York mariage data below


1879 death record from JRI-Poland searched for on September, 2018 shows that the name is Feige nee:Schmatz Stecher.
She is the wife of Isak Stecher (father of American Marcus Stecker)

Marcus Stecher (Stecker) 1900 New York marriage
Grooms mother's name of Feige Markel  is probably an error


Marcus Stecher - Sadie Albert marriage information
NB: The mother of Marcus Stecher is listed as Feige Markel for New York Marriages.
This surname Markel may be an error and does not match maiden surname Schmatz
which is
listed in the JRI-Poland death record of Feige Stecher (Marcus/Mordche's mother)


Composite of Etruria ship manifest for passenger Marcus Stecher arriving in Ellis Island/NYC
on March 12, 1898 (line 26)


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Manifest Line 26 (Marcus Stecher), right


ticket paid by


before in USA

going to join a relative



Book on Sambor, Galicia (Austria-Ukraine)
Home of Marcus Stecher (Stecker) prior to immigration to USA

Ellis Island 12 March 1898 passenger record of paternal grandfather Marcus Stecher (Stecker)
From Ellis Island web site


Sadie and Marcus Stecker gravestone at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY
Buried at:
Washington Cemetery

Washington Cemetery
5820 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn, New York, 11204 USA
Telephone: 718-377-8690
About (wikipedia):

Marcus Stecker Find A Grave Memorial


The five children of Marcus and Sadie Stecher

Of the five only two lived to become adults --
Sam, b. 3March1903 and Fannie (Florence or "Buddy"), b. 17July1904

Sources for birth/death of Marcus and Sadie Stecher's children
Jenny Stecher
(b. 6October1901 in Manhattan, NYC, certificate no. 39574 )
(death information unknown)
Sam Stecker
(b. 3March1903 in Manhattan, certificate no. 10608)
(died in Detroit Michigan on 18March 1965)
Fannie (Florence as an adult) Stecher
(b. 17July1904 in Manhattan,  certificate no. 34682)
(died as an adult in Pembrook Pines?, Florida, date unknown)
Louis Stecher
(b. 12November1906 in Manhattan, certificate no. 55727)
(died in Manhattan, NYC on 25September1907 at age 10 months, cert. 31134)
Rose Stecher
(b. 12September1909 in Manhattan, certificate no. 46230)
(died in Manhattan, NYC on 31January1911 at age 1 year, cert. 3614)


Jenni Stecher & Jenni Albert? 1903 Ellis Island ship manifest

One year-old Stecher Jenni is on line 15.  Who is the 18 year-old Jenni Albert on line 14 who is going to stay with Sara Stecher (was Sara Albert) in
 NYC?  Apparently 18 year-old sister of Sara Albert Stecher -- Dora Albert,  arrived at Ellis Island on a different ship only two days earlier
 on July 28, 1903
manifest of SS Graf Waldersee: http://www.ellisisland.org/search/shipManifest.asp?pID=102673050195


1930 US Census of Stecher family

Composite image of 1930 US Census for Stecher family of Brooklyn, NY
(error: Morris Stecher should be Marcus Stecher)

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