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David Weiss of Tennessee

David Weiss of Jackson, Tennessee
c. 1852-1934
Brother of
Solomon Weiss and 5 more siblings
Born: circa 1852 in "Austria" (Galicia)

Occupation: Barrel manufacturing (Cooper)
Wife: Marie Antoinette "Nettie" Bailey
Children: 8

Died: July 21, 1934 in Jackson, Tennessee (death certificate)
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photo from Elizabeth Hall Weiss of Texas


David and Nettie Weiss of Jackson Tennessee with youngest son David Jr, circa 1925
photo from Elizabeth Hall Weiss of Texas

Back Row : left, mother & wife M. A. "Nettie" Bailey Weiss; right, unknown man
Front Row: left, daughter
Maxine Ola; center, husband & father David Weiss; right, daughter Evelyn
David Weiss (born circa 1852 in Austria Empire) was a brother of Solomon Weiss


My Great Grand Uncle Dave Weiss, brother of Solomon Weiss, and husband of Nettie Bailey feeding chickens in Jackson, TN
I believe David and Nettie Weiss of Jackson, TN had 8 children according to the
1910 US Census, 1920 US Census & 1930US Census
Ben MorrisWeiss, born circa 1899
Belva Weiss. born circa 1901
Talmage Weiss, born circa 1903
Evelyn Weiss, born circa 1907
Maxine/Maria Weiss, born circa 1909
Lillian Weiss, born circa 1912
Quentin Weiss, born circa 1914
David Weiss, born circa 1922

From left to right:
Possibly Irving Weiss (a son of Solomon Weiss), David Weiss of Jackson, TN (with suspenders),
elderly unknown man (probably a brother of David & Solomon Weiss), unknown man.

It is thought that there were six Weiss brothers: David, Solomon, Samuel, Morris Aaron, Jacob (Yaakov Yitzchak) and Bernard and one sister -- Rose Weiss who married Chaim Mandel.  All but Bernard were married with children.  Five of the six brothers emigrated from Galicia (Austria) to the USA -- David, Solomon, Samuel, Morris Aaron and Bernard. There was also a brother Jacob (Yaakov Yitzchzk) Weiss who stayed in Galicia (near today's
Sanok, Poland), however, most of his children came to the USA.   David Weiss settled in Tennessee and Solomon, Samuel, Morris Aaron and
Bernard in New York City.  Details of three of the 4 pictured men are unknown.  Perhaps the two on the ends are younger brothers or nephews. 
The photo may have been taken in July, 1930 when Solomon Weiss died in New York.
photo from Elizabeth Hall Weiss of Texas