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David and Nettie Weiss Family
of Jackson, Tennessee

Weiss Public Photo Album on Family Search
Facebook video clip of Bailey Bigger, brother Wyly Bigger & cousin Quentin Smith (descendants of David & Nettie Weiss) singing at the
Weiss Clubhouse in Tennessee, 2015:



Stecker-Weiss-Lehner family tree centered at David (LDQ6-KG3) & Nettie Weiss on FamilySearch dot org
as of June 2, 2013
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Benjamin Weiss, father of David and Solomon Weiss
possibly Samuel Weiss family in 1910 US Census for NYC (?)

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Back Row: left, mother & wife Marie Antoinette "Nettie" (nee: Bailey) Weiss; right, man (?)
Front Row: left, daughter
Maxine Ola; center, husband & father David Weiss; right, daughter Evelyn

David and "Nettie" Weiss family tree
(with data as of 1-31-2014)

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David Weiss
(Husband of "Nettie", father of 8)

Husband of Marie "Nettie" Bailey, father of 8, brother of Solomon Weiss, maternal great grand uncle of Michael A. Stecker
According to the 1934 Tennessee death certificate of David Weiss, I believe David Weiss father's name was Benjamin Weiss &
his mother's name was Hannah Warner.
Furthermore, according to a Belva Weiss Rhodes note (link 1 or 2) there were four Weiss brothers:
David of Tennessee, Solomon of Brooklyn, NY, Samuel and Benjamin
 (Belva was the daughter of David Weiss of Jackson, Tennessee)
Photo of two Weiss brothers -- David (center left) & Samuel (center right) circa 1930

possibly Samuel Weiss family in 1910 US Census for NYC (?)

David Weiss of Jackson,Tennessee (1, 2, 3) was the brother of Solomon Weiss and brother-in-law of Leibe Hannah Binder Weiss of Brooklyn, NY
great grand Uncle (mother's father side) of Michael A. Stecker, M.D.

born circa 1852 in "Austria" (probably Galicia)
David married Marie Antoinette "Nettie" Bailey of Tennessee on
18 Jun 1898 (?) in Gibson County
eight children
died 21 July 1934 in Jackson, TN
buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Jackson, TN
David Weiss on
occupation: cooperage (barrel maker)
US Census for David & Nettie Weiss family of Jackson, TN
1910 US Census, 1920 US Census & 1930US Census

Marie Antoinette "Nettie" Bailey Weiss (called Nettie)
(Wife of David Weiss, mother of 8)

photo pages 1, 2
Marie Antoinette (Nettie) Bailey
10 Dec 1878 in Jackson,Tennessee
married David Weiss of "Austria"
eight children
died 16 July 1964 in Jackson, TN
buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Jackson, TN
Marie A, "Nettie" Weiss on

David & Nettie Weiss family:
1910 US Census, 1920 US Census & 1930US Census

Children of David and Nettie Weiss:
Ben Morris Weiss, born 22Apr1899, died 22Nov1968 in Dallas, TX,
buried: Grove Hill Cemetery, wife: Verna Reese, 1dau, 3 sons,
Ben Weiss family in 1940 US Census
Belva Weiss. 1901-1991
Talmage Weiss, 1903-1966
Evelyn Weiss, 1906-1966
Maxie Ola "Maxine"/Maria Weiss, 1909-2002
Lillian Weiss, born circa 1911
(Thomas) Quentin Weiss, 1913-2005
David Weiss, Jr. 1922-2010

David and (Marie A.) Nettie Weiss had eight children:

1. Ben Morris Weiss
born 22Apr1899 in Humbolt, TN, occupation: paper company salesman, died 22Nov1968 in Dallas, TX, buried in Grove Hill Memorial Park, FindAGrave.
wife: Verna Reese, born
27 June 1902 Mineola, TX, died 7 May 1990 Dallas,TX, buried in Grove Hill Memorial Park, FindAGrave.
Ben Weiss family in 1940 US Census

Ben Morris Weiss on Find A Grave
Ben Morris Weiss & Verna Reese had 4 Children:
JoAnn Weiss,
27 Jul 1927, single, occupation bookkeeper, died 01 Mar 1955 at age 27 in Dallas, TX, FindAGrave.
Don M. Weiss
, born 25Jul1929 in Memphis Hall Co.Texas, married Charlyne Le Allen, Don died 31Aug2016.
Daughter Donnale Marion Weiss born 28Jul1955 in Dallas, TX, Son Stephen Neil Weiss born 29Mar1957 in Dallas, TX, daughter Linda Louise Weiss born 30May1959 in Dallas, TX, daughter Paula Kathleen Weiss born 29Dec1960 in Dallas, TX, daughter Joni Margaret Weiss born 17May1963 in Dallas, TX
Ben Warren Weiss (birth certificate), born 7Sep1931 in Dallas, TX, died
28 March 2006 in Dallas, TX; married Elizabeth Ann Hall (b. 2Nov1932 in Denton, TX), married in1955
children of Ben Warren Weiss and Elizabeth Ann Hall:
daughter Annette E. Weiss born 25July1956 in US Naval Base in Wisconsin & married Robert J. McCarty, Jr.,
son David Warren Weiss born 16Mar1958 in Dallas,TX,
son Clifton Walker Weiss born and died in Nov, 1960 in Dallas, TX,
daughter Adrienne Lynn Weiss born 25Apr1962 in Dallas,TX,
daughter Nancy Allison Weiss born 3 May 1963 in Dallas,TX,
daughter Amy Alaine Weiss born 27Jul1971 in Dallas,TX,
daughter Mary Ellen Weiss born 23Jul1973 in Dallas,TX
James Alan Weiss (birth certificate), born 15Jan1935 in Dallas,TX, married Barbara Lynn Heath, son Michael Alan Weiss born 4Oct1956 in Dallas,TX, son Mark Christopher Weiss born 15Sep1959 in Dallas,TX, son Patrick Nolen Weiss born 2Apr1965 in Dallas,TX, son William Casey Weiss born 18Oct1967 in Dallas,TX

2. Belva Weiss
photo pages 12-Belva's tree
Belva was born April 8, 1901 in Humbolt, TN, died 1991 in Memphis, TN, buried in Ridgecrest Cemetery, Jackson, TN, FindAGrave
Belva's husband:
Dewey Arthur Rhodes was born 13 Aug 1899 in Water Valley, Missippi, married Belva Weiss on 25Dec1919 in Madison County, TN,
died October, 1986 in Jackson, TN, FindAGrave
Belva & Dewey's son:
Dewey A. Rhodes, Jr., b. 29November1921 in Memphis, TN, died 15Jan2006
Son Dewey A. Rhodes, Jr. married & divorced
Margery McDonald. Dewey JR. later married Irma Ruth Curl
sons of Dewey A. Rhodes, Jr. and
Margery McDonald:
David Alan Rhodes born in in Tulsa, OK on 24Feb1944, married Donna Jean Wolfe, b. 2May1945
David Alan Rhodes and wife Donna have a daughter Dara Leigh (nee: Rhodes) Bigger (one son Wyly & one daughter Bailey) and son David Rhodes Jr. (2 daughters)
Stewart McDonald (Don) Rhodes, b. 9Mar1949 in Memphis, TN, d. Feb 1994
daughter of Dewey A. Rhodes, Jr. and Irma Ruth Curl:
Melanie Rhodes, b. 28Apr1961, married James Rogers, 2 daughters

3. William Talmadge Weiss
born 1 Feb 1903 in Gibson Wells, TN, Died 8 Oct 1966 in Houston, TX, death certificate
His first wife was Ruth Newman, married 16 Dec 1925 in Madison County, TN, their daughter:
Ruth Marie Weiss.
His second wife: Mary E. of Alabama
His third wife: Faye Vaughn of Arkansas
daughter Ruth Marie Weiss McDonough
Ruth Marie (only child of W. Talmadge Weiss): b. 24 Apr1927, d. Sept., 2012,
Buried in Manlius Village Cemetery, Manlius, NY.
Ruth Marie's husband was: David T. McDonough.
She is survived by a daughter, Mary Sharon (McDonough) McMahon and her husband Michael of Bruceton Mills, WV; two sons, David T. McDonough, Jr. and his wife Carol (Wertz) McDonough of Havre DeGrace, MD, and Phillip N. McDonough and his wife Maria Luzarraga-McDonough of Phoenix, AZ; and four grandchildren, Hugh Benjamin O’Neill, Jessica O’Neill Ealick, Alexandra Victoria (McDonough) Parker and Jennifer Kathryn McDonough.


. Evelyn Weiss
aka "Edie"
photo pages 1, 2
born circa 1907 in Humboldt, TN, ? married on 24Dec1927 to Glaydon Lifsey in Madison County, TN
1940 US Census of Glaydon Lifsey, wife Evelyn Weiss & sons of Madison County, TN (ED no. 57-29)
Children of Glaydon Lifsey & Evelyn Weiss Lifsey
Ben J. Lifsey,Sr.,DVM  b. circa 1930, Ben's son: Ben J. Lifsey,Jr., DVM, 2 daughters, has garndchildren
George Glaydon Lifsey, Jr., b. circa 1933,  his wife: Bettye Williams, his only son:
George Glaydon, III, called Don
George Glaydon, III married Avanda and have three children

5. Maxie Ola "Maxine" Weiss
aka "Mac"
photo pages 1, 2
born 19 Nov 1908 in Humbolt, TN, died 30 Aug 2002 in Memphis, TN,
married on 20Dec 1929 to Rayburn Hunter Freeman (b. 1899 Madison County, TN, d. 4 Feb 1964).
1940 US Census of Rayburn H. Freeman and wife Maxine family of Jackson, TN

Last Residence: 38138 Germantown, Shelby, Tennessee
Maxine Ola Weiss Freeman on FindAGrave
Maxine's husband Raymond Hunter Freeman on FindAGrave
Lillian Adrienne Freeman
(Only Child of Rayburn Freeman & Maxie Ola Weiss)
Lillian Adrienne Freeman (daughter), b. 31 May 1932, d. 19 Dec 2009
married Charles Phillips Cheatham, Sr., M.D. (b. 31 Jan 1932, d. 13 Oct 2010)
on 25 Apr 1954 in Madison County, TN,
Lillian Adrienne Freeman & Charles P. Cheatham had 5 children:
1. Charles Phillips Cheatham, Jr. (1956 -1975)

2. Ben Hunter Cheatham (2 sons)

3. Adrienne Leigh Cheatham, husband Steven Kyle Cromwell Jr (1 daughter, one son)
4. Charles "Chuck" Fieldings Cheatham, wife Michelle Dennis, one son & one daughter
5. Lauren Claire Cheatham, husband Robert Edward Culpepper Jr., three cildren

 6. Lillian Weiss
photo pages 1, 2
born 6 March 1911 in Humbolt, TN, died: Nov, 2002 in Memphis, TN, married to Harry A. Sargent
no children

7. Thomas Quentin Weiss
  aka "Teke"
born 25Apr1913, in Crockett Mills,TN, died 4Feb2004 in Hernando, MS
wife: Coralie Jane Shaffer, b.16May1913 in Chicago, IL, d. 4May2006 in Memphis,TN,
daughter: Betty Lynne Weiss, b.19Sep1937 in Jackson, Mississippi
Betty's first husband was Thomas Thane Smith, Jr.(living) and a second husband Ira Stoker (d. 2016)
Betty Lynne has a son Randolph Steele Smith (wife:
Caryn Smith, sons Quentin & Evan) and daughter Leanne Smith

1940 US Census, lines 77-79:  https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1942-27780-10926-44?cc=2000219&wc=M9QX-GTS:n575745920

8. David Weiss (II)
born 22October1922 in Jackson, TN, died 13April2010 in Garland, Arkansas
wife Jo Anne (Anna Jo) Tanner
born in Flint, Michigan on Dec 4, 1926  She vacillated between calling herself Jo, Jo Ann and Anna Jo.  David and Anna Jo Tanner married in Roswell, NM on December 14, 1945
daughter Leslie
 Leslie (married name Leslie West), grandson from Leslie is
Michael D. West of Hot Springs, AR
1940 US Census in Jackson, TN for David & David Weiss & R.H. Freeman with wife Maxine, daughter Adreine
Social Security Deatrh Index for David Weiss

David Weiss 2010 obituary


Name: David Weiss
Date of Death: 13April2010
Location of Service: Hot Springs Funeral Home - Hot Springs

David Weiss, 88, of Hot Springs died on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at his home.  He was born on October 22, 1921 in Jackson, TN to the late David and Nettie Bailey Weiss. He was a member of First Baptist Church and was a WWII veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He was the owner of the Weiss Poultry and Egg Company n Little Rock. He was predeceased by his parents, one daughter, Leslie West and all his brothers and sisters.  Survivors include his wife, Joanne Weiss of Hot Springs and one grandson, Michael D. West of Hot Springs.  There will be no services. Arrangements are with Hot Springs Funeral Home.


Solomon Weiss likely had siblings:
According to a Belva Weiss Rhodes note (link 1 or 2) there were four Weiss brothers:
David of Tennessee (Belva's father), Solomon of Brooklyn, NY, Samuel and Benjamin

One brother of Solomon Weiss was David Weiss, born circa 1852 in "Austria".  He lived in Jackson, Tennessee. David (mistakenly called Dan in the 1920 US Census) married Nettie (Marie)
Bailey with several children (1920 US Census, 1930 US Census & letter and funeral notice of Nettie Weiss, 1964).
I believe David and Nettie Weiss of Jackson, TN had 8 children according to the
1910 US Census, 1920 US Census & 1930US Census
Ben Morris Weiss, born 22Apr1899, died 22Nov1968 in Dallas, TX, buried: Grove Hill Cemetery, wife: Verna Reese, 1dau, 3 sons
Ben Weiss family in 1940 US Census
Bellvia Weiss. born circa 1901
Talmage Weiss, born circa 1903
Evelyn Weiss, born circa 1907
Maxine/Maria Weiss, born circa 1909
Lillian Weiss, born circa 1912
Quentin Weiss, born circa 1914
David Weiss, born circa 1922

Solomon probably had other brothers as suggested in the 1962 letter from Sadie Weiss Bergold



Solomon Weiss
born 1855, Austria (Galicia)
Immigrated to USA in 1888? (according to the 1900 US Census)
1900 US Census, ED293, 663 Lewis, NY, NY (Manhattan):
 Age: 44, Immigration Year: 1888, occupation Presser
U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes:
Naturalized 1-28-1905
Arrived NY, NY, 12-15-1889,  residence: 504 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn NY