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My feelings are that in each family there is one who seems called to find the ancestors, to put flesh on their bones and make them live again, to tell the  family story and to feel that somehow they know and approve. To me, doing genealogy is not a cold gathering of facts but, instead, breathing life into all who have gone before. We are the story tellers of the tribe.  All tribes have one. We have been called as it were by our genes. Those who have gone before cry out to us: Tell our story!  So, we do.  In finding them, we somehow find ourselves ...."
from: The Story Tellers by Della M. Cummings Wright 


Solomon Weiss and Siblings
The Weiss-Werner descendants
The children of Benjamin (Simcha Binyamin)Weiss and his wife (?) Werner are the Weiss children:
Solomon, David, Jacob (Yaakov Yitzchak), Morris Aaron, Rose, Samuel, Bernard

Parents of Weiss siblings are thought to be
(Simcha Binyamin) Benjamin Weiss and wife (Sarah/Gitel/Hannah Gertrude) Werner
Place of origin: Galicia, Austria-Hungary (today near Sanok, Poland)

Benjamin Weiss Family Tree on FamilySearch

Son SolomonWeiss Family Tree on FamilySearch
(fan chart view)
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Ancestry dot com GEDCOM of Stecker-fromMH652018 made on January 16, 2022

as of January 16, 2022

GEDCOM for Stecker-Albert-Weiss-Lehner families generated from Legacy 8 family tree software on January 4, 2019:
GEDCOM Legacy Family Tree for Stecker-Albert-Weiss-Lehner-Rothberg as of January 4, 2019


as of January 4, 2019
1,370 individual, 462 families, 1,135 KB
It is a text file with no pictures, that can be imported into any genealogy software to navigate the family tree.

Previous GEDCOM as of June 5, 2018 genarated from Michael Stecker's MyHeritage of 578 individual is at:


Chart of the descendents of Benjamin Weiss
(Weiss family tree of the deceased)
Please click on chart for an enlargement
Please click on the chart for an enlargement
tentative family tree of 7 Benjamin Weiss children and descendants as of 1-2-2020
previous 4-generation Weiss family tree


c. 1851(?) +/- 5yrs to 1930
Arrived at New York Harbor in mid-December, 1889 (NatDoc1 or 2).
According to the probable ship manifest of Solomon Weiss (1,2,3) he arrived in New York harbor (alone) on December 17, 1889 aboard the ship Russia.
He was probably from
Szczawne, Galicia (a small town south of today's Sanok, Poland)
Solomon Weiss family genealogy -- see information below on this page
Solomon Weiss Photo Page
Solomon Weiss on FamilySearch
Salomon Weiss 1889 passenger list arrives port of NYC
Solomon Weiss death certificat

Weiss (Solomon & David families) Photo Page

Family tree of Solomon Weiss of New York
1900 US Census for Solomon Weiss family, lines 85-96
  Probable hometown of Salomon Weiss in Szczawne -- map
Salomon Weiss Naturalization document (image)
Salomon Weiss Naturalization document (FamilySearch)

 Salomon/Solomon Weiss of Manhattan & later Brooklyn, NY (my -- Michael A. Stecker's Great Grandfather).  He marries (Hannah) Leibe Binder & they had over 10 children


c. 1852-1934
David Weiss Photo Page
David Weiss on FamilySearch
David Weiss death certificate
David and Nettie Weiss family genealogy page
Weiss (Solomon & David families) Photo Page
Family tree of David and Nettie Weiss of Tennessee
of Tennessee.  He married "Nettie" Bailey and had 8 children


Morris Aaron Weiss on FamilySearch
Morris Aaron Weiss death certificate

Morris/Moshe Aaron Weiss and Bertha's gravestone in New Mpntefiore Cemetery, Long Island, NY
(data acquired by ML, May 14, 2019 email)
Born: September 1, 1859, Szczawne, Galicia (today southeast Poland)
Died: September 3, 1931, New York, USA
His wife: Bertha “Blima” Scherer
Lived & died in Brooklyn, NY
Parents of Morris Aaron Weiss are “Binyamin Simcha” BenjamiinWeiss and Sarah Werner
Before Morris Aaron came to America, he said he was last living with his sister Rosa (Weiss) Mandel in Szczawne (south of Sanok). His daughter Esther arrived in America and was living at 87 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY (the same address as Uncle Solomon Weiss).  Esther
(grandmother of Brenda Katz Murphy)
married Morris Katz in 1912.

Children of Morris Aaron Weiss and wife Bertha
Anna “Hene” Weiss
B. Around 1885, M. Abraham Levine, No children

Esther nee:Weiss Katz
Esther Weiss was living at 87 South 1st Street (Uncle Solomon Weiss) before she married Morris Katz in 1912.
B. Around 1889, M. Morris Katz
Grace Katz - B. 1914, single and no children
Joe Katz - B. 1916, married with children
Ruth Katz - B. 1924 (living as of 2019), married with children

Beckie “Riwke” Weiss
B. Around 1893
M1. Max Wax
Child: Bernard Wax
M2. Morris Rosenfeld
Madeline Rosenfeld

Rose “Rochel” Weiss
B. Around 1895
M. Louis “Leizer” Kornreich
Yetta - b. 1918
Selma - b. 1920

Lena Weiss
circa 1897-1963
Lena and husband Joseph Weiss' descendants are: Weiss, Steinfeld, Thaler, O'Neill

Helen “Chana” Weiss
B. Around 1899
D. January 4, 1931

Joseph “Yosef Ber" ("George"?)
B. July 18, 1899, Medzilaborce, Poland
D. October 27, 1963in Brooklyn, New York, USA
photos of Joseph Weiss & Tessie's gravestones in New Montefiore Cemetery
M. Tessie Trencher
Son: Martin A. Weiss - B. 1931:
United States Census, 1940; https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-89MY-5HDX?cc=2000219&wc=QZXR-4YL%3A790105101%2C795835101%2C804038401%2C804144301

Abe Weiss
B. Around 1900


c. 1870 - ?
Rose Weiss on FamilySearch

Family tree of Rose Weiss and Chaim Mandel
Rose nee: Weiss Mandel was a daughter of Benjamin Weiss and sister to Solomon, David, Jacob, Samuel, Bernard and Morris Aaron Weiss. Her husband was Chaim Mandel and they had sons: Milton, Solomon, Josef and Bernard Mandel.

died circa 1912-1914 in Europe
Jacob (Yaakov Yitzchak) Weiss on FamilySearch
Family tree of Jacob (Yaakov Yitzchak) Weiss and Esther Mandel
He and wife Esther Mandel  from the Sanok area of Galicia (later southeast Poland) had eight children who immigrated to USA:

Leibish Weiss

Leib - born abot 1879, Turzansk/Jawornik, died January 25, 1939
Married to Chana Karp
Children: Gitel, Ben, Ryfka, Mala (mother of Lois Wassner Hager), Pessah/Paula, Tilla(?), Frieda(?)

Samuel (Simon?) Weiss
Sam - b. 1885 neat Sanok(?), died July 4, 1962 in NY (see letter)
Married to Clara Schultz
Children: Francis and Jacques (father of Terry Weiss Gary)

Rose "Rifka" Weiss Roth
b. around 1888,
married Charles Roth (her granddaughter is Amy Roth)
Children: Morris, Gertrude and Jack

Solomon/Shlomo Weiss
Solomon - b. 1890 - Jawornik
Died about 1976
Married to Mary Frank (1893-1982), Lived in New York
Children: Leonard J.Weiss of New York and Rhoda

Josef Weiss
His grand-children are Abby Weiss O'Neill and David Weiss of NJ.  Abby's parents are Jack and Marcia Weiss of Bayshore, NY

Morris Weiss
(lived in Scranton, PA)
Morris - b. about1898, Rostokin, Galicia
Died: 1981
Married to Esther Frank
Children: Leonard Weiss of Scranton, PA, Selma and Jack

Chana Weiss
(married surname: Wieczner)
Born in Galicia (Podkarpackie? near Sanok, Poland of today)
circa 1885
Died in 1956
Married to Ephraim Moshe Wieczner (circa 1888-1943)
Children: Jacob, Benek/Benjamin and Eva
Chana's grandson is Simon Wieczner of Massachusetts.  Simon is a son of Jacob Wieczner and wife Esther Regent.

Barach Weiss
specific information unknown

One living descendant of Liebish in 2018 is Lois Wassner Hager
Morris later settled in Scranton, PA -- see circled in red Sadie Weiss Bergold letter


c.1864 - 1941
Sam Weiss Photo Page
Samuel Weiss on FamilySearch
Born in Galicia, Austro-Hungary probably between 1864-1868
Died August 31, 1941 in NYC(?), lived in Bronx, NY
Wife: Anna/Annie nee:Werner Weiss
Children: Joseph, Hannah (Anna?), Milton (born November 3, 1900) and Rose Gertrude (born November 3, 1900)
1905 New York State Census of Samuel Weiss family plus brothers Morris & Bernard
My 1905 New York State Census composite of Samuel Weiss family
1910 US Census for Samuel Weiss family:


circa 1873 - 1931
Bernard Weiss on FamilySearch
Bernard Weiss1931 NYC death data
Bernard Weiss & niece Helen/Chana's gravestone in New Montefiore Cemetery, Long Island, NY
Bernard was single
Of Brooklyn, NY.  Born in "Austria" (Galicia), circa 1873.  Died January 6, 1931 and buried January 8, 1931 in New Montefiore Cemetery.
His brother Morris Aaron Weiss died later that same year on September 3, 1931. 
His parents as was listed for Morris Aaron were Benjamin Weiss and Sarah Werner
1900 ship manifest for Bernard Weiss

Documentation for Weiss Family tree
(assessment as of August 17, 2018)
Belva Weiss Rhodes note   1962 letter from Sadie Weiss Bergold   Salomon Weiss December 1889 immigration - composite ship manifest  
Leibe Weiss & children 1891 immigration - ship manifest  
Szczawne-Kulaszner Burial Society (Weiss-etc)   Solomon Weiss 1900 US Census  
Salomon Weiss family composite image of 1900 US Census   Solomon Weiss death certificate   death certificate of David Weiss  
1910 US Census of David Weiss family of TN   Samuel Weiss Family in 1910 US Census   1905 New York State Census of Samuel Weiss family plus brothers Morris & Bernard   Bernard Weiss1931 NYC death dataMorris Aaron Weiss 1931 death certificate   Milton Mandel marriage certificate  
Simon Weiss 1899 shipnanifest  Simon Weiss 1899 ship card   Samuel-Simon Weiss 1907 Declaration of Intention  
Samuel&ClaraWeissFamily-in1930USCensus-SC   Samuel&ClaraFamily-in1930USCensus-FS
 Galicia Page

Notes with documentation (blue links)

(probable brother of Solomon & David Weiss)
Yakov Yitzchak Weiss (abbreviated: YY Weiss) was maried to Esther Mandel
YY Weiss died circa 1912-1914 in Europe. His Weiss children (immigrated to America from Galicia). 
They are:
Leibish -- living descendant
Lois Wassner (female), Samuel (perhaps aka: Simon, shipnanifest, Samuel&ClaraWeissFamily-1930USCensus),
Rose, Solomon, Josef and Morris (later settled in Scranton, PA -- see circled in red Sadie Weiss Bergold letter)

(probable brother of Solomon & David Weiss)
from Marissa:
Lenny (Leonard J. Weiss, son of Shlomo Weiss of New York) told me to check out the New Montifiore Cemetery and look at their family plot for additional names. I saw a Morris Weiss buried there. He died in 1931. I went to the Municipal archives and I got Morris Aaron Weiss 1931 death certificate and his father was Benjamin Weiss (same as on Solomon Wreiss of New York and David Weiss of Tennessee death certificates).  His mother was listed as Sarah Werner (so now there are three names for Benjamin Weiss’s wife - Gitel, Channa Werner and Sara Werner…not sure if she had three names or if he married three times...) When Morris came to America, he said he was last living with his sister Rosa Mandel in Szczawne, south of Sanok.  Moses was married to Bertha Scherer. Their daughter Esther arrived in America and was living at 87 South 1st Street (the address of great grandpa Solomon Weiss) when she married Morris Katz in 1912.

Milton's mother was probably Rose Weiss (a sister of my greatgrandfather Solomon Weiss) and father Chaim Mandel of Galicia Austria -- see: Milton Mandel marriage certificate
He was also probably a nephew of Solomon & David Weiss.
(see Belva Weiss note re: Milton Mandel and Milton Mandel marriage certificate). 
Belva Weiss mentioned (see: Belva Weiss note re: Milton Mandel) a nephew Milton Mandel. Lenny (Weiss) also mentioned a Milton Mandel cousin, additionally, he said that Milton had a brother named Solomon (married to Reisela) and Milton married Fritzie and had children Joan and Harvey. Based on that Marissa figured out Milton’s tree.
His mother was Rose Weiss and his father was Chaim Mandel. Solomon and Milton had a brother Isaac Mandel who went to Canada and seemingly stayed in Montreal (I think he had a son named Hymie). One brother, Bernard, went to Canada and came into America at one point but I am not sure where he ended up. The ship manifests indicate that there was a brother Joseph who stayed in Sanok. I am not sure if he ever came to the US.


Solomon Weiss Family Genealogy

Solomon Weiss family tree on FamilySearch:

Solomon Weiss family in 1900 US Census, lines 85-96
Salomon Weiss family composite image of 1900 US Census

Solomon and Leibe Weiss family tree
(with data as of 12-23-2013)

Please click mouse twice over family tree above for an enlargement
partial 4-generation Benjamin Weiss family tree as of December, 2018


Solomon Weiss

Solomon Weiss
c. 1851(?) +/-5 years - 1930
Marriage 1875, Austria
Died July 8, 1930 at age 78

Solomon Weiss on FamilySearch
Salomon Weiss 1889 passenger list arrives port of NYC
1900 US Census for Solomon Weiss family, lines 85-96
Salomon Weiss family composite image of 1900 US Census
1905 New York State Census for Solomon Weiss family, lines 13-24
Salomon Weiss Naturalization document (image)
Salomon Weiss Naturalization document (FamilySearch)
Solomon Weiss death certificate
Solomon Weiss on Find A Grave

photo of first Weiss family plot

Solomon (aka: Salomon) Weiss' parents are thought to be (Simcha Binyamin) Benjamin Weiss and wife (Gitel/Sarah?) Werner

Salomon/Salomon Weiss was the husband of Leibe Hannah Louisa Binder, father of over 10 children, brother of David Weiss of Tennessee
Solomon Weiss of Austria (Galicia) and later Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York
1858 - 1930
Home town of Solomon Weiss & family is uncertain, but is probably in a town south of the city of Sanok in today's Sanok County of southeast Poland. 

Sanok County Coat of Arms

However, at the time of the Weiss habitation in the second half of the 19th century it was in Galicia -- ruled by Austria of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Possible towns of origin of Weiss family:
Turzansk, Galicia (see Galicia maps), see Turzansk-GG Chene Leibe Weiss & children September, 1891 ship manifest (?)-1, 2
Turzańsk [ˈtuʐaɲsk] (Ukrainian: Туринське, Turyns’ke) is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Komańcza, within Sanok County, in the
Subcarpathian Voivodeship(province) of south-eastern Poland, close to the border with Slovakia. It lies approximately 4 miles
east of
Komańcza and 13 miles south of Sanok, and 47 miles south of the regional capital Rzeszów.

2. Komańcza -- from Simon Weiss ship manifest 1, 2, 2a
3. Sanok County. Town of Sanok, Galicia (north of Turzansk, Komancza, Szczawne), Sanok County.  See Sanok County.
4. Szczawne, Galicia,  Szczawne, Poland today,
Probable hometown of Salomon Weiss in Szczawne -- map, Salomon Weiss ship manifest of 1889 at 1 or 2
5. Drohobych, Galicia (unlikely, west Ukraine today)
6. Austro-Hungarian Empire, Linz or Vienna, Austria, "Stuttgart, Austria"6.  Unlikely
Immigrated to USA from "Austria" in estimated 1888 (according to the 1900 US Census)

Birth of Galicia on YouTube

1900 US Census, ED293, 663 Lewis, NY, NY (Manhattan):
 Age: 44, Immigration Year: 1888, occupation Presser
Solomon Weiss U.S. Naturalization Document 1 or 2
Naturalized index card 1-28-1905

Salomon Weiss most likely came to NYC Harbor on December 17, 1889 on the ship SS Russia from Hamburg

photocopy of ship manifest with Salomon Weiss is image 491 at:
photocopy of face-sheet of ship's manifest is image 490 at:

or see:

composite image of December 17, 1889 ship manifest for Salomon Weiss

Salomon Weiss
New York Passenger Lists
Name:  Salomon Weiss
Event Type:  Immigration
Event Date:  December, 1889
Event Place:  New York City, USA
Gender:  Male
Age:  38
Birth Year (estimated):  1851
Birth Place:  Austria
Ship Name:  SS Russia

Arrived NY, NY, 12-15-1889,  residence: 504 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn NY
Marriage 1875, Austria
Died July 8, 1930 at age 78

1900 US Census for Solomon Weiss family, lines 85-96
Salomon Weiss family composite image of 1900 US Census
1905 New York State Census for Solomon Weiss family, lines 13-24
Salomon Weiss Naturalization document (image)
Salomon Weiss Naturalization document (FamilySearch)
Solomon Weiss death certificate
Solomon Weiss on Find A Grave

photo of first Weiss family plot

JPEG capture of Solomon Weiss 1900 US Census, Naturalization and family letter

New York Passenger List Arrival for a ?Solomon Weiss?, 24Nov1891, Soundex W200, NARA Roll 580, image 51 line 175:
NARA Roll 580, image 51, line175 for Solomon Weiss. On SS Virginia (NARA Roll 580, Image 48
see possible Passenger Ship & Naturalization record on web-page

Passenger list of vessels arriving in New York 1820-1891 (from FamilySearch):

Online 1900 US Census for Solomon Weiss family, ED 293, 663 Lewis NY,NY, lines 85 - 96:

Online 1905 New York State Census for Solomon Weiss family, 534 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, NY, lines 13 - 24:

Solomon Weiss likely had siblings, one confirmed brother was David Weiss of Jackson, TN:
David Weiss of Jackson, TN,
Solomon's brother David Weiss 1934 Tennessee death certificate,
lists their father as Benjamin Weiss & mother as Hannah Warner (or possibly Werner)

David Weiss (of Tennessee)
born circa 1852 in "Austria" was a brother of Solomon/Salomon Weiss of New York.
He lived in Jackson, Tennessee. David (mistakenly called Dan in the 1920 US Census) married Marie Antoinette "Nettie"
I believe David and Nettie Weiss of Jackson, TN had 8 children according to the
1910 US Census, 1920 US Census, 1930US Census, & letter and funeral notice of Nettie

Children of David and Nettie Weiss:
Ben Morris Weiss, born 22Apr1899, died 22Nov1968 in Dallas, TX,
buried: Grove Hill Cemetery, wife: Verna Reese, 1dau, 3 sons,
Ben Weiss family in 1940 US Census
Belva Weiss. 1901-1991
Talmage Weiss, 1903-1966
Evelyn Weiss, 1906-1966
Maxie Ola "Maxine"/Maria Weiss, 1909-2002
Lillian Weiss, born circa 1911
(Thomas) Quentin Weiss, 1913-2005
David Weiss, Jr. 1922-2010

Solomon Weiss probably had other brothers as suggested in the 1962 letter from Sadie Weiss Bergold and Belva Weiss' note

Leibe (Louisa) Hannah Binder Weiss

Leibe Hannah Binder Weiss
(Wife of Solomon Weiss, mother of over 10 children)
Leibe Hannah Binder on FamilySearch
Online 1900 US Census for Louisa Weiss, line 86:

b 1857, Austria; Age:43, Immigration year 1890,
Number of living children: 11, How many children: 12, Married 1875
Died January 26, 1941

Possible passenger list for Leibe Weiss (wife of Solomon Weiss) and children arrival in
New York City harbor in September, 1891



Name: Chenne Liebe Weiss

Gender weiblich, Departure Age 34, Relationship Frau

Residence Turzansk, Galizien
(today just south of  town of Sanok in southeast Poland near Slovakia and west of Sambor, Ukraine)
see Galicia map with town marked in green


Port of Departure Rotterdam, Destination New York, Port of Arrival New York

Ship Name Veendam, Captain Roggeween, A., Shipping Clerk K. Weinberger, Ship Type Dampfschiff, Ship Flag Niederlande

Accommodation ohne Angabe

Volume 373-7 I, VIII B 1 Band 093

Household Members
September, 1891 ship manifest screen capture

Chenne Liebe Weiss

Ester Weiss

Hersch Weiss

David Weiss

Sore Weiss

Ester Weiss



Children of Solomon and Leibe Weiss of New York
(in chronological order)
1900 US Census for Solomon Weiss family, lines 85-96 

Rose (Reisie, Rosie, Rosy) Weiss Hollander
Rose nee:Weiss Hollander of FamilySearch
 Relationship: Daughter of Solomon and Leibe Hannah Weiss according to 1897 marriage data from NY-ODM
1900 US Census for Wolff and Rosy Hollander family, lines 32-35:
(screen capture of 1900 US census, line 32-35 for Rosy Weiss Hollander)

 Born (pc):
December, 1876 or 1878?

18 May 1904 in Manhattan (NYC)
According to the death summary of Rose Weiss Hollander, she died May 18, 1904 in Manhattan at the age of 26 years.
On her death summary in FamilySearch she is listed as Rosie/Reisie Hallander with her father mistakenly listed as Saloman Mise.

Near husband Wolf Hollander and his second wife Esther nee: Wolf Hollander:
May, 1904 in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Maspeth (Queens), NY
From Mt. Zion Cemetery web site "Search":
Mt. Zion Cemetery
59-63 54th Avenue
Maspeth (Queens), NY 11378Phone: 718-335-2500

Rose Weiss married Wolf Hollander (1874-1942) in Manhattan, NYC USA on 7February1897

Children of Rose/Rosie
 Rose Weiss Hollander had 4 children: Florence, Jacob, Albert, Malcolm
Florence R. Hollander, b. 21 Jan 1898 in NYC,
 raised by maternal grandparents Solomon & LeibeWeiss when mother Rose died, husband: Arthur Winter, photos
Children of Florence Hollander and husband Arthur Winter:
Jerome (Jerry) Winter, b. 1922 in NY, wife: Joy
Robert W. Winter: b. 1925 in NY, wife: Clare
Marilyn Winter, b. 1929 in NY
Jack (Jacob) Hollander, b. 1900 (?) in NYC, raised by Leibe Hanah Bender Weiss when mother Rose died
Al (Albert) Hollander, b.1901 in NYC, wife: Ida b. 1906, photo,
Albert Hollander had three sons: Marvin, Sheldon & Ronald H.,
son Ronald H. Hollander, b. 2 Feb 1937, wife: Anna, had twin boys (Carey & Howard?) who had two sons each.
Malcolm Hollander,1903-1959 in New York, wife: Jean Himmelstein,1907-1969, photo
Malcolm Hollander's daughter is Rhoda Hollander Stillman, b. 1934.  Rhoda's husband was
Barron H. Stillman, M.D.(deceased),
Rhoda's children: daughter Laura Stillman Fauber (
1958–1997, deceased), son Robert Stillman, daughter Melissa/Lisa Stillman.  Rhoda has several grandchildren


Esther Weiss
Esther Weiss on FamilySearch
(photo?, original)
Born 1880, Austria
Died July 29, 1949 in Brooklyn, NY
Profession: button hole maker

Harry B.

Harry Bernard Weiss

Harry B. Weiss on FamilySearch
Name:  Harry Bernard Weiss
Born: October 10, 1882 in Austria-Hungary Empire
Died: March 2, 1954 in Beaumont, Texas of carcinoma of the stomach
Profession: plumber, salesman dry goods house, concrete art
Father:  Solomon Weiss
Mother:  Leibe Hannah (Louisa on census) Binder
Wife: Mary Lehner (aka Leonard)
Lehner Family Genealogy
Daughter: Minnie Weiss (married name later Shelly Stecker -- 25 February 1914 - 12 December 1982))
Son: Martin Weiss (
24 September 1915 - 17 November 1915)

Marriage: Harry Bernard Weiss 10 Nov 1912 married Mary Leonard/Lehner (No. 1593) online:
Harry Bernard Weiss 10Nov1912 marriage to Mary Leonard/Lehner (JPEG image):

Marriage 1, 2, 2a at age 30 on 10 Nov 1912 in Boston, MA to Mary Lehner
Spouse: Mary Lehner (aka Mary Leonard) of Worcester, MA (born in Russia)
Spouse's Father:  Max Lehner
Spouse's Mother:  Minnie
Record Number:  7452
Film Number:  2409944
Marriage Registration Place:  Worcester, Massachusetts
Immigrated to USA in 1890? (according to the 1900 US Census, line 88):

Harry B. Weiss 2March1954 death certificate:

No burial: Cremated

immigration from Austria/Galicia to NYC in 1890 (ancestry)
TheOliveTreeGenealogy - immigration Passenger Lists 1875-1899
Immigration year 1890


Harry Weiss was born on October 10, 1882, Austria (probably Drohobych, Galicia)
Died: March 2, 1954 in Beaumont, Texas of carcinoma of the stomach.
 Cremated.  Birth date on Death Certificate was October 10, 1882.

Wife: Mary Lehner (aka: Leonard to the Weiss family)

Mary Lehner Weiss' first child was Minnie Weiss (born February 25, 1914 in Worcester, MA, died December 12, 1982 in California).  Mary's second child was a boy -- Martin Weiss (born 24 September 1915 in Worcester, MA, died 17 November 1915 in West Millbury, Worcester, MA).  Mary died September 26, 1915 when Minnie Weiss was less than two years old. Minnie (later changed to Shelly) married Samuel L. Stecker.

Basic data on Minnie Weiss (married name Shelly Stecker), daughter of Harry B. Weiss and Mary Lehner/Leonard Weiss:

Birth registered of Minnie Weiss (No. 4660):

After the death of her mother Mary Lehner (Weiss) on September 26, 1915, Minnie was brought up first by her grandparents Solomon & Leibe Weiss
 and later by Sadie (Sarah) Weiss and Frank J. Bergold with cousin Henry Bergold in Brooklyn, NY.
Minnie's name was Shelly Stecker after marriage to Samuel Stecker
(b.March 3, 1907, d. March 18, 1965).
She died December 12, 1982 in Chula Vista, CA, buried on 15Dec1982, 2:00 PM, at Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary, Los Angeles 90045
grave site:
Shelly Minnie Stecker
Block 6, Plot 139, Space 8, Mt. of Olives
Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary
6001 Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, California 90045
Grandchildren (from Minnie/Shelly): Stephen L. Stecker, M.D. (San Diego, CA), Michael A. Stecker, M.D. (Los Angeles, CA)
Great Grandchildren (from Stephen and Alix
Colcombet Stecker): Tiffany, Mathieu, Dylan Stecker


David Weiss
David Weiss of NY on FamilySearch
another David Weiss photo
Born April, 1884, Austria
Died ?
Profession: machinist
Wife: Rae Sheinberg
Home: ?
Children of David Weiss:
Ruth Weiss (married Norman Brunell, had sons David & Paul Brunell), Natalie Weiss (married Charles Abrams, no children),
Judith Weiss (died as child Nov. 27, 1919)
Norman and Ruth Brunell family in 1940 US Census, lines 51-54:

Sadie (Sarah)

Sadie Weiss Bergold

Sadie Weiss on FamilySearch
Born March 16, 1886, Galicia, Austria-Hungarian Empire
Sadie's birth name may be Sore Weiss.
According to the 1900 US Census she probably came to USA circa 1890 with mother and siblings or possibly September, 1891 from
Turzansk, Galica
via a
ship named Veendam sailing from Rotterdam to New York Harbor as noted on the ship manifest of Chenne Leibe Weiss and family .   
Died in Bronx, NY July, 1971
Profession: book keeping dry goods house, housewife
Sadie W. Bergold Social Security number:
Husband: Frank J. Bergold, photo 
Child: Henry Bergold, photo
Also, raised Minnie Weiss (later Shelly Stecker) after her mother Mary Lehner (aka: Leonard) Weiss died.
Home: Brooklyn, NY (Keap St.)
Grandchildren: Laurel Bergold, Dorothy Bergold, Linda Bergold/Whittaker, Peter Bergold.
Linda Frances Bergold was married to Noel F. Whittaker.  Linda died 23August2006 at age 54 in Oakton, VA.  She had one son -- Alexander Whttaker.

Lillian (Lena),"Lilly"

Lillian Weiss Lefkowitz
Lillian Weiss on FamilySearch
Born 1888, Austria
Died: April, 1954
Husband: Max Lefkowitz (d. February, 1957), photo 1 & 2
Two Children -- Ruth and Miriam

Ruth Lefkowitz Bank was the daughter of Lillian Weiss Lefkowitz:
Ruth's husband: Myron "Mike" Bank,  Home: NYC
Ruth and Mike Bank had 3 children, group photo:
Harvey Bank (wife Ellen), David Bank, Nancy Bank

Harvey Bank has 3 children:
Daniel Bank is married to Linnell.  Linnell has two children Sherry and Ben from a previous marriage. Together they have my grandson Adam who just turned. They live in Queensland Australia  Where he has a thriving chiropractic practice.
Laura Bank is married to Alden Witte. Their daughter Sage will be one year old in May, 2013. Laura graduated as a Physician’s Assistant and went on to obtain a doctorate as a Physician’s Assistant.  She is currently teaching and serves as Vice Chair of the Physician and ’s Assistant department at a Medical Science Institute in Mesa, Arizona.
Michael Bank is married to Whitney Sally - they have no children.  Michael graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelors in business. He served for six years in the Air Force National Guard. However, after nine months of deployment in Kuwait, he decided the military life was not for him. After returning to the states, he opened a karate studio in Columbia, South Carolina. He is currently a 4th degree black belt and has been trained in a variety of martial art traditions.

Harvey Bank received my bachelors degree from Hunter College of the City University of New York. He obtained a PhD in Biophysics and Biomedical sciences from  Oak Ridge Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. I did postdoctoral work at Duke University and obtained a faculty appointment at the Medical University of South Carolina where he rose to the position of senior researcher and Associate Professor. He resigned my position in 1989 and retrained in the field of alternative health.  I currently live in and own alternative health a clinic in Springfield Ohio .
David Bank has no children:
David Bank is married to Jason Stone, and is living in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  David  retired from the New York City school system where he taught Chemistry and Earth Science at Brooklyn Tech, and subsequently at Stuyverson high school.
Nancy Bank has one child, daughter Cheri Stark:
Cheri is married to Ben Jamison.  She received a bachelor's degree from the opera Department of Music Conservatory of USC.  Currently she works as the Human resource director of a foundation and performs operas and musical gigs whenever possible. Recently they moved to Studio City, California.

Nancy is divorced from her second husband Mel.  She obtained a bachelors degree in neurosciences from Cornell University and subsequently earned a Masters in counseling . She lives in San Marco's California and has a successful counseling, marriage and family therapy practice specializing in a rapid counseling modality called EMDR. She has one daughter from her first marriage- resource Cheri.

Miriam Lefkowitz Kahn, daughter of Lillian Weiss Lefkowitz:
Miriam's husband: Sanders Kahn
Miriam Kahn's chuldren: Leslie, Richard, Susan
Great grandchildren: (from Richard): Annale, Hannah 

Joseph (Joe) L.

Joseph Weiss
Joseph L. Weiss on FamilySearch
Born August 2,1892, NYC
Died February 18, 1966, California, FindAGrave
Buried at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (site: Q1242), Pt. Loma, CA (1, 2)
Children: none
Home: California

Irving B. (Isidor)

Irving Weiss
Irving (born Isidor) Weiss on FamilySearch
Born January, 1894, NYC
Died: May 8?, 1945
Profession: salesman
Irving's Wife: Pauline Sachar, b. 10/3/1896, d. 2/3/1986, photo
Child of Irving & Pauline
Bernard "Buddy" Melvin Weiss born 5Feb1925 in Brooklyn, NY, died 13Nov1998 in Boca Raton, Florida. photo
Buddy's wife: Doris Marion Weinman

Grandchildren (from "Buddy" Bernard Weiss)
Jeffery Weiss married to Susan Schild
Richard Weiss, married Iris Fisher

Great grandchildren
Great grandchildren (from Jeffery & Susan); Michele, Scott
.Great grandchildren (from Richard & Iris); Brandon Weiss & Adam Weiss

Aaron J
Born 1896, NYC
Died: date ? in Los Angeles
Wife: Molly
Children: none
Home: Los Angeles, CA

Barney (Barnett)
Barney Weiss on FamilySearch
born Jan. 17, 1898, NYC
Died: Jan. 16, 1978
Profession: salesman
Wife: Sarah Schneider (Weiss), group photo of Barney, Sarah, Estelle & Sydney Weiss
Children: Mortimer (Morty) Weiss, wife Lila (divorced) Goldman with two children (Bonnie & Lori)
Home: NYC


Sidney Weiss
Sidney Weiss on FamilySearch
Born 2 March 1900,
Manhattan, New York City, died June, 1974 Queens, NY, SS#: 087-01-5701
Profession: electrical contractor
Wife: Estelle Peaceman, group photo
No Children
Died: June, 1974, buried in Riverside Cemetery, Saddle Brook, NJ, FindAGrave
Home: Long Island, NY

Sidney & Estelle Weiss in 1940 US Census, lines 26 &27


Chronology and specifics unclear for
Rachel Leah Weiss
I think this is Rachel Leah Shimberg, the wife of David Weiss of New York
Born; February 11, 1883
Died: September 16, 1927
(her gravestone is next to Leibe Hannah Weiss)
She and David Weiss had three daughters -- Natalie, Ruth (Weiss-Brunell-Ackley) and Judith (died as a child)