Michael A. Stecker



Minnie Weiss/Shelly Stecker

Birth name:
Minnie Weiss
Minnie changed her first name to Shelly before 1934.  She later
  married Samuel L. Stecker
February 25, 1914 at Memorial Hospital of Worcester, Massachusetts
basic 1914 birth information

Her biologic parents

Mary nee: Lehner (aka: Leonard) Weiss

Mary Leonard (born Lehner) Weiss, died September 26, 1915 at age 31-years in Worcester, MA
Mary Lehner/Leonard Weiss's first child was my mother Minnie Weiss : born February 25, 1914 in Worcester, MA,
died December 12, 1982 in California. 
Mary's second child
was a short-lived boy -- Martin Weiss (born 24 September 1915 in Worcester, MA,
died 17 November 1915 in
West Millbury, Worcester, MA). 
Mary died September 26, 1915, just two days after Martin was born.  At that time my mother, Minnie Weiss, was about 19 months old.
Harry Bernard Weiss
Harry B. Weiss, died on March 2, 1954 in Beaumont, TX (cremated)
He lived separately from his daughter Minnie after mother Mary died
Harry and Mary married (1, 2) on November 10, 1912 in Boston, MA
residence: 37 Paine St., Worcester, MA

Minnie was raised by her "adopted" parents
Aunt Sadie nee: Weiss Bergold and husband Frank J. Bergold of Brooklyn, NY

After the death of her mother Mary Lehner (aka Leonard) on September 26, 1915 and her 2-month old brother Martin Weiss, November, 1915,
in Worcester, MA, Minnie (19 months old) moved into the home of her grandparents, Solomon & Leibe Hannah Weiss in New York
and was living there in 1920 (census copy)  as a young child.  However, she was next raised by Aunt Sadie (Sarah) Weiss Bergold and
Frank J. Bergold with cousin Henry Bergold at 134 Keap St., Brooklyn, NY

Married Samuel L. Stecker
(b.March 3, 1903?, d. March 18, 1965) in Brooklyn, New York on May 22, 1937.
They later lived in Detroit, Michigan

Her children:
Stephen Leonard Stecker, M.D. (b. May 24, 1938 in Brooklyn, NY, died April 30, 2018 in San Diego, CA)
Michael Alan Stecker, M.D. (b. August 25, 1943 in Brooklyn, NY, now lives in Los Angeles, CA)

Her grandchildren:
From Stephen and Alix
Colcombet Stecker: Tiffany (b. 1982), Mathieu (b. 1984), Dylan (b. 1987)

Her great grandchild:
Mathilda Alison Gustavson, born April 10, 2018 in Washington, DC to Tiffany Stecker-Gustavson

Shelly (MW) Stecker Social Security number:


December 12, 1982 in Chula Vista, CA, buried on 15Dec1982, 2:00 PM, at Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary, Los Angeles 90045
grave site:
Shelly Minnie Stecker
Block 6, Plot 139, Space 8, Mt. of Olives
Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary
6001 Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, California 90045