Michael A. Stecker

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Askar 103 APO
4-inch (103 mm) f/6.8 triplet refractor with 0.8X f/5.5 focal reducer

Askar 103 APO refractor atop iOptron CEM60 mount near Frazier Park California
Digital CMOS astro-photos  with Askar 103 APO triplet refractor of Michael Stecker
2024 onward
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Askar 103 APO & 0.8X reducer
Askar 103 APO
103 mm obj lens

Askar 103 APO
Askar focuser (top)
Askar focuser

NGC 2244 "Rosette"
California Nebula
M42 & NGC 1977

Simeis-147: compLM
Antares & M4
IC 2177 "Seagull Nebula"
Markarian's Chain
B72 "Snake"
Rho Ophiuchus Complex
M8, M20, B303