Michael A. Stecker

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Sky-Watcher Quattro 250P
10-inch (250 mm) f/4 Newtonian telescope of focal length 1,000 mm with coma corrector

Digital CMOS astro-photos from Frazier Park, CA.
Imaged with Sky-Watcker Quattro 250P Newtonian telescope by James Foster for Michael Stecker
2023 onward
Please mouse click on any of the thumbnail photos below to see an enlargement

M20 "Trifid"
Coccoon & B168
NGC 7023 "Iris Nebula"

M78 in Orion
Horsehead Nebula
M42 & NGC 1977

IC 1848 (colorized)

M31- 10" Newt, HaRGB
M31 - center

Witch Head Nebula
Dolphin Head Nebula
Seagull (IC 2177)
Squid (OU4)
Angel Nebula (NGC 2170)
Comet12P/Pons-Brooks, 4-4-2024
Leo Triplet, NGC 3628 (v2)
NGC 3628 (crop)