Michael A. Stecker


Lehner Photo Page
Descendants of Max and Minnie nee: Cohen Lehner of Worcester, MA

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Lehner Family Tree as of April, 2021
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Lehner family tree on FamilySearch:  https://familysearch.org/tree/#view=tree&person=94HB-7L3&spouse=94HB-7LC&section=pedigree

Max Lehner 1900 US Census 1, 1a
MinnieWeiss/ShellyStecker Data
Minnie Weiss-Lehner Letter


 Lehner Family Photos
(My grandmother Mary Lehner/Leonard Weiss and her Lehner relatives)

graveyard for older Lehner family


Israel Lehner grave


Barry & Linda Lehner Brooks


     Linda L. Brooks family,2018

Linda Lehner Brooks & grandaughters

Donna and Michael Lehner




Sarah Lehner Epstein family 1954


Joseph Lehner, Ph.D. 1939


Harry Weiss



Mary Lehner Weiss


Mary L. Weiss & Minnie


Minnie in Worcester






Minnie Weiss  c. 1916




young Minnie Weiss in Brooklyn




Minnie, Sadie, Hank


Steve & Mom 1938


Stecker family 1945


Stephen L. Stecker, M.D.


Michael  Stecker, 1968


Michael A. Stecker, M.D.


Mathieu & Dylan Stecker


Tiffany & Stephen Stecker


Stephen & Dylan Stecker


Alix, Tiffany and Steve Stecker, 2009

Stephen Stecker family, May 2015

Mathilda & mom Tiffany cooking


Mathilde, Sol, Bernce Lihner
Leora & Malcolm Siegel
Arielle & dad Malcolm Siegel, 2019

Jeremy Siegel & son, 2020
Lucy Dautrich family, 2018
Lucy, Lana & baby Dautrich, 2021