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Bath England
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Roman Bath
Famous for its Roman Baths and its elegant, honey-coloured Georgian architecture, Bath is both a World Heritage Site and a tourist mecca. Bath was the haunt of English fashionable society in the 18th century, but the frivolous aristocrats who flocked here to gamble, gossip and flirt also brought brilliant architects who designed the Palladian terraced housing, the circles, crescents and squares which dominate the city. Attractions include the gorgeously located Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths, the elegant Pump Rooms and the much-photographed, shop-lined Pultney Bridge. It's a small, compact, civilised city, built for strolling around, exploring alleyways, gawking at the superb housing and ogling the expensive products in the shops. In summer, buskers and crowds fill the streets, but you can escape to the idyllic River Avon and row through the town in peace.

Bath Abbey


A musician entertains at the entrance to Bath Abbey


The Roman baths


Cruising the Avon River and crossing under the Pultney Bridge; Bath, England


Wide field view of Pultney Bridge and whirlpool



Parade Gardens in Bath