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Blenheim Palace
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Churchill's Blenheim Palace
Blenheim Palace is in a romantic park near Oxford, England. It was given by the English nation to John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, in recognition of his victory in 1704 over French and Bavarian troops. Built between 1705 and 1722, it appears like a smaller country version of Buckingham Palace. It is a perfect example of an 18th-century princely home.

Front of Blenheim Palace


Rear of Blenheim Palace with fountain, pool and sculptured hedges


Lavishly furnished room within the palace. The painting on the right depicts the battle of Blenheim.


Sir Winston Churchill, arguably the greatest parliamentarian in England, was born in this bed at Blenheim Palace on the 30th November 1874 at 1.30 AM. His mother, Lady Randolph, was attending a ball at the palace on this date. Typical of his later impatience, he had arrived several weeks early.