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Astrophotographer Portraits
from the seven continents

Locator map of astrophotographers


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 “We are beginning a journey.”

“It will be a journey both strange and wonderful.”  “… Here, in the dark unknown immensity of the heavens, we shall meet with glories beyond description and witness scenes of inexpressible splendor.   And when we return to Earth, we shall try to remember something of what we have learned about the incredible Universe which is our home.”

Robert Burnham, Jr.

Locator map of astrophotographers

Please mouse click on any of the thumbnail photos below to see an enlargement with personal information


Ron Arbour


Anthony Ayiomamitis


Simon Balm, Ph.D.




Adam Block


Klaus Brasch, Ph.D.


Stephen Cannistra, M.D.


Adrian Catterall


Vincent Chan


Michael Chapa


Chris Cook


Russell Croman


Steve Crouch


Thomas Davis, D.O.


Tom Diana, Ph.D.


Dominique Dierick


Dr M. Francois Du Toit


James Foster


Harvey Freed, DDS


R Jay GaBany


Robert Gendler, M.D.


Don Goldman, Ph.D.


George Greaney, M.D.


Tom Harrison


David Healy


Stuart Heggie


Bernhard Hubl


Allen Hwang


Akihiko Ito, D.D.S.


Torsten Jehsert


Steven Juchnowski 


Bert Katzung, M.D., Ph.D.


Al Kelly


Walter Koprolin, Ph.D.


John Laning


Thierry Legault


Brian Lula


David Malin


Bobby Middleton


Jim Misti


Eric Mouquet


Nicolas Outters


Greg Parker. Ph.D.


Philip Perkins


Dennis Persyk


Chris Picking


Tom Polakis


Jay Potts


Greg Pyros




Julie Radford, Ph.D.


 Pedro Re, Ph.D.


Robert Reeves


Gerald Rhemann


Gordon Rogers, FRAS


Chris Schur


Michael Sidonio


Waldemar Skorupa


John C. Smith


Kevin Smith, FRAS


Michael Stecker, M.D.


Marc Sylvestre


Nik Szymanek, FRAS


Jonathan Talbot


Kazuyuki Tanaka


Karel Teuwen


David Trapani


Scott Tucker



Geert Vandenbulcke


Chuck Vaughn


Daniel Verschatse


Charlie Warren


.Manfred Wasshuber


Volker Wendel


Alson Wong, M.D